Access Projects bidding Via THE ONLINE PLANROOM. This "Members Only" portal allows you to view, print and download plans and specifications on projects currently bidding in the Builder's Exchange.


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About Private Projects

Our Mission

  • providing accurate, timely reporting on projects being solicited for bids.

  • encourage competitive, responsible, and thorough bidding.

  • provide information about projects that the members may otherwise not receive

  • provide a consolidated source of information for project leads.

Our Coverage Area

We advertise projects bidding in Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota.

Builders Exchange plan tools

Our Services

Our Plan Room features:

  • Equipment to copy, scan and print documents.

  • Physical Plan Room at 2050 Broadwater Ave Suite A Billings Montana

  • Online Plan Room. Provides 24x7 Access to Bidding Documents

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Shane Ridley

Senior Project Manager - Fisher Construction, Inc.

"The service that the Billings Builders Exchange offers is exceptional... The staff at the Builders Exchange is always helpful and provides quick service on printing and up to date information for all projects."

Dusty Eaton, AIA

Principal - A&E Architects

"The customer service we get with the Builder's Exchange is second to none....Our business is deadline driven so that kind of service is invaluable to our success."

Laurie Watts

Administrative Assistant - CTA Architects, Engineers

"Billings Builders Exchange has been top notch with their customer service in their dealings with CTA Architects Engineers."

Todd McDonald

Estimator/Project Manager - Dick Anderson Construction

"My experiences with the Billings Builders Exchange can be summed up as always exceeding expectations... the Billings Builders Exchange is an invaluable resource to Dick Anderson Construction, Inc."

Additional Information about Our Services:
  • Use of BBX's Online Plan Room
  • With Online Plan Room Users can View, Download, and Print plans, specifications, addenda & plan holders lists from your computer
  • Bid results, advance notices & a printable version of the current paper bulletin at your finger tips
  • Order plans online to be picked up at your convenience at the BBX office or shipped VIA UPS.
  • E-mail Updates on new projects and Filtered Keyword Searches.
  • Track Projects to get addenda or other time sensitive information pertaining to the bidding projects VIA E-mail
  • Use of physical facilities with 10 individual workstations, Wifi and other Amenities
  • Advertising seen by over 650 members in our bulletin newsletter and on our website
  • Video Tutorial's for Tips and Tricks that walk you through all the features and tools Builder's Exchange has to offer
  • Develop relationships with other members of the Construction community through Builder's Exchange. More Relationships = More Opportunities

To ensure an efficient operation in the interest of all members:


2. Plans may be checked out overnight by members from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. the next week-day morning; or from 4:30 p.m. on Friday to 8:00 a.m. the following Monday morning. It is very important that you return your plan ON TIME. It is not fair for someone who is here at 8:00 waiting to see a plan to wait until 8:30 or later to use it.

3. Members may only check out a set of plans ONE time and No More than 3 Plans per member per evening. If a plan is available after you've checked it out once, you may only check that plan out again if no one else wants it. This enables everyone to get a chance to check out and use popular plans.

4. Please return all materials to the bins around 4:30 to accommodate night reservations.

5. Once you have checked out a plan and brought it back at 8:00 a .m., you may not sit down and use that particular plan--thus giving everyone else a chance to use that plan.

6. If you are using a plan here at the Exchange and you decide to go to lunch, you surrender that plan for someone else's use. This is the reason we are open over the lunch hour--so that everyone has a chance to use all plans.

7. PLEASE DON'T WRITE OR COLOR ON PLANS!!! If you feel it is necessary to mark a plan, then it is your responsibility to let us make a copy of the plan sheet on our large copy machine. Also, try not to rip or tear plans and spec books. If you accidentally damage a plan sheet or spec page, REPAIR IT!! These are NOT our plans. They are on loan to us from the Architects and Engineers. We must return the plans to them. Please help us keep them intact.

8. All memberships are presumed to be renewed each year. In the event you wish to cancel you are responsible for dues until the date of the notification. Non cancellation in no way voids your obligation to pay for months you enjoyed membership privileges. Please help us by abiding by these rules. We strive in being an organized, smooth operating planroom. Thank you for your cooperation.

Scholarship Information

To apply for the BBX Scholarship, please complete the following:

1. Read over the BBX Scholarship Guidelines below.
2. Visit The Montana Community Foundation website:
3. Select "How To Receive" and then select "Scholarships" on the Left Hand menu.
4. You will need a free account with Scholar Select
5. Complete the Application Form online
6. Submit the form along with your essay online at

BBX Scholarship Guidelines

1. BBX Scholarships are open only to Montana residents, who are at least Sophmore status and enrolled as a full-time student (12 semester credits).

2. The applicant must be a member of the Builders Exchange of Billings, or an employee of a member, or their immediate family of dependents.

3. The applicant will submit an essay for each of the a following: a. Personal Background b. Why the scholarship is needed c. How the scholarship will be used to accomplish the applicant's goal. Each of the above statement will not exceed 100 words in length and will have no reference as to the identity of the applicant.

4. A number will be assigned to the essays upon receipt of the application form to assure blind selection by the Scholarship Committee. The Committee will be composed of 3 members of the Builders Exchange of Billings.

5. The school selected must be a regionally/nationally accredited public or private Montana College, University, or College of Technology.

6. The scholarship award shall be paid directly to the school selected by the scholarship recipient. It will be applied first to tuition and fees, books and supplies. Any excess remaining after such application may be applied to room and board on or off campus.

7. A scholarship award(s) in the amount upto $3,000 each for a full school year (fall and spring semesters) or $1,000 for a semester will be awarded each year. The number of scholarships will be dependent on the annual amount of money generated by the fund.

8. Application for a renewal scholarship will be considered, but must be accompanied with a copy of the college transcript showing a GPA of at least 2.0. A 100 word essay is also required as to why the scholarship renewal is needed.

9. Application must be received by March 15th of each year. Scholarship winners will be notified by the end of May.

10. Fill out completed application along with your essay online at and submit electronically to the Montana Community Foundation.

Private Projects

For Some Projects you need to control the access to the documents. These projects with limited distribution are defined as Private Projects. They are not advertised on any Builders Exchange bidding reports.

The Exchange will provide you with a Private Project code. You then will provide this code to anyone you wish to access your project. Only those with this Private Project Code will be able to access your project. Builder's Exchange does not give out the Private Project Code to anyone other than the Project Contact.

Stay Connected

With Activity Logs and E-mail Notifications it is easy to see who has viewed your projects and notify them of Changes to the Project. Anyone you invite to private projects only needs 2 pieces of information: an E-mail address and the Private Project Code.

Q: What does it cost to join The Exchange as a member?

A: Membership in the Exchange is $275 per year. For more information about membership Please see our Membership Info Page.

Q: Can I access the Plans and Specifications for a project online?

A: Yes, We Post Bidding documents for the Projects we advetise on our website. These documents are available for viewing, downloading and printing by our members behind a password protected website. We call this website the Online Planroom.

Q: Can I perform take-offs on your website?

A: Yes, Our Online Planroom is compatible with Several of the leading Take-off Tools on the market. We have integrated the use of the following viewers into our website: On-Screen Takeoff, Planswift and QuickEye

Video Tutorials

Use the Youtube channel to learn all about the features and tools available to you as a Member of Billings Builders Exchange. Herea a few of the things you can learn, How to:

  • recieve e-mail updates.
  • track a project.
  • use the file downloader.
  • add yourself to the bidders list.
  • see new Projects Since your last Log in.
  • Plus Many more great features and tools.

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